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Welcome to Green
Solutions Cleaning Services!
 We appreciate you stopping by to learn about us, please take your time, and see what we can offer!
Thank you!

You are an educated consumer and you must be asking yourself "why should I choose Green Solutions Cleaning Services over any other cleaning company?"
There are many reasons!
As our name indicates, we only use natural, oil based organic solutions which are natural germ killers, as well as people and pet friendly! We care for your well being, therefore we never use harmful chemicals.*
 solutions are uniquely specialized and contain the finest natural essential oils and they are excellent cleaning products. They will also leave a fresh aroma scent that will linger for hours!
(Currently we offer lavender, citrus and mint scents.)
It is a popular belief that anyone can clean; we believe that someone who is well trained, detail oriented, able to manage time and solutions can, and will do much better!

Our company is accredited by the Central Florida Better Business Bureau!

Type of of services:

Janitorial/commercial maintenance and floor care

Post construction clean up

Residential homes

Vacation homes

We provide free over the phone estimates or can preview your property for free to give you an exact price!
Excellent references are also available upon request!
Words can only describe so much, let us prove to you that we are the best in what we do!
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